Shelly and Sands, Inc. put another Vogele Niveltronics Big Ski system on one of their newest Vision series paver, Kelly Paving division’s KF407 to help in smoothness and ride ability specifications for the IRI testing in Eastern Ohio on the Douglas Applegate Connector in Steubenville, Ohio. This will be the 14th or more Big Ski they will utilize for their screed automation in grade and slope applications. The Niveltronics Big Ski has been successful for Shelly and Sands, Inc. in achieving multiple smooth paving awards throughout Ohio and retaining incentive bonus money many times. The crews at Shelly and Sands give the Niveltronics system very high marks for ease of use and accuracy. “It’s plug and play”…

Also used on this project in conjunction with the latest in paving technology from Vogele America’s paving division Shelly and Sands, Inc. is using the latest in compaction technology from the Hamm roller division. The new Hamm roller model HD 110+VVHF vibratory roller is capable of over 4000 v.p.m in low amplitude used in combination as displayed with the new Hamm model HD120+OV oscillatory roller. The HD120+OV allows for more time available for compaction (T.A.C.) as it is nondestructive in nature and allows the operator more time further back on the asphalt mat to get the required density without destroying the integrity of the material in the asphalt mix.

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Miller Bros. Const., Inc – Wirtgen W210i

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Miller Bros. Const., Inc. located in  Archbold, OH recently purchased the latest in technology in milling machines from The McLean Company and Wirtgen America, the New Wirtgen W210i Tier IV interim Wirtgen milling machine.

Pictured below is the new W210i in Swanton, Ohio removing  10″ of asphalt utilizing the new automated leveling system from Wirtgen’ s Level Pro System. The Level Pro system consists of combinable sensors, a controller unit and an ergonomically designed control panel for the machine operator.

Level Pro was specially programmed for cold milling machines and is designed to precisely fit their operating conditions. It features graphic symbols and familiar key functions that allow intuitive operation. Also pictured in the operators platform area is the new operators control area which gives the operator more room. In maneuvering the machine around tight areas is easy utilizing Wirtgen’ s intelligent ISC track drive control for maximum traction, Traction control governed by the ISC system minimizes the slip of individual track units in difficult milling situations and ensures perfect traction. In addition, ISC automatically aligns the cornering speeds of the inner and outer crawler tracks electronically, thus reducing track pad wear.

ISC also keeps the machine’s advance rate within the optimal engine load range.


Miller Bros. Const., Inc. has been a longtime customer of The McLean Company and Wirtgen America because of the support both Dealer and Manufacturer has provided over the years.

For more information on the Wirtgen W210i please click on the link provided.

Wirtgen W210

For more information on Miller Bros. Const., Inc. please click on the link provided. Miller Brothers Construction, Inc

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Shelly and Sands, Inc. started paving the new South runway at the Columbus Airport project Monday, the 16th of April 2012.  They are shown utilizing two Vogele vision series 5200-2 pavers.  They are paving 25 feet wide in echelon and they are utilizing the latest in the state of the art screed automation from Vogele, Dual NEVELTRONICS big skis set up to 47 feet long.  They are using two skis per paver to do longitudinal averaging, allowing the second pavers ski to overlap the first paver’s pass getting great averaging over the 50’ section.

Behind one paver they are shown utilizing the newly designed low profile Hamm GRW280 30 ton pneumatic tired roller as breakdown compactor along with the Hamm HD130HV 84” vibratory and newly designed Hamm HD120+OV 78” oscillatory nondestructive compactor as finish roller on the P401 base mix being laid at a depth of 4+- inches and are getting perfect density results. Paving in echelon allows the center joint to be considered as a full mat without having to meet the stringent longitudinal density requirements of the FAA. Behind the second paver is Type 1 Pneumatic roller and a newly designed Hamm HD110+VVHH high frequency vibratory roller followed up by Hamm HD120OV oscillatory roller…


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