The History Of The McLean Company


The McLean Company traces its history back to its founder Don
H. McLean – father of the company’s current chairman of
the board, Donald K. McLean, and vice chairman, Fred H. McLean;
and grandfather to the current president, Donald S. McLean; his
sister, Carey; and Fred H. McLean’s three sons, Scott, Doug,
and Bill McLean.

Don H. McLean started out in 1926 with Barber-Greene based in
Aurora, Illinois. After gaining experience in the Chicago and
Detroit offices in 1930, D. H. McLean was assigned to Barber-Greene’s
Cleveland, Ohio branch as office manager. Under his management,
the Barber-Greene Cleveland office weathered the Depression years.
In World War II, D. H. McLean and his brother Kenneth McLean went
to work for Cleveland area industries producing for the war
effort. After the war, Barber-Greene elected to sell through
distributors instead of branch offices. The McLean’s joined
forces and incorporated their own company – The McLean
Company – in 1948.

In 1949 the McLean’s began selling asphalt, concrete and
aggregate plants at their headquarters in Cleveland. During the
1950s and early 1960s, The McLean Company provided quality
products and service in all but 13 Ohio counties despite a small
sales force. The first generation of McLeans guided the company
from its formation until 1976. That year, the second generation
of McLeans assumed control of The McLean Company. In 1962 Fred
McLean moved his family to Columbus to open a sales office. In
1968 he moved the operation from his home to the current Columbus
branch office. Later, in 1981 a branch in West Chester, Ohio was

Donald S. McLean represents the third generation of family
members who began leading the company in 1994. Don took over as
president and sales manager following his father Don K. McLean’s
retirement. Fred’s three sons are also in the family
business. F. Scott McLean joined the company in 1981 and is now
the vice president/field sales manager of The McLean Company
located in the Columbus branch. Bill McLean joined The McLean
Company in 1983 and is now the company’s corporate treasurer
in Cleveland. Douglas H. McLean joined the company in 1980
working as southeast territory salesman. He is also vice
president and West Chester branch manager. Carey M. Brockman,
daughter of Don K. McLean, joined the company in 1986. She has
been responsible for sales in north central Ohio and is corporate
assistant secretary.

A Tradition Of Quality For Over 60 Years

For three generations, The McLean Company has stood for
quality. Founded in 1948, the company has provided customers
throughout Ohio with knowledgeable applications assistance and
customer sales support.

A Partnership For Customers

The McLean Company has a reputation for being efficient,
professional, and highly responsive to its customers needs.

Through the years, the distributorship has established a
strong partnership with its customers based on trust and
friendship. According to Don, customers have grown up with the
McLean’s, they know their faces, and they have confidence in
them to know that they will go the extra mile to provide quality
products and support.

“Eighty percent of our sales are to people we know,”
Don said. “We are selling to people that my father and
grandfather did, which is kind of neat. We’re selling across
generations. We have done business with some of the larger
contractors for 30, 40, and in some cases, 50 years.”