Ambry Asphalt Interview With LeeBoy

No one likes to be a guinea pig. And that’s what Matt Ambrose, owner of Ambry Asphalt in Mansfield, Ohio, felt like when he tried to lay asphalt with a competitor’s paver. According to Ambrose, “The [competitor’s paver] didn’t want to track straight. The motor was mounted in a bad place and vibrated so bad that we snapped the exhaust manifold just trying to track down the road. The screed was loose and didn’t respond well. It was hard to load. The truck hinges snapped off. We were fighting it a lot.” Ambrose says he didn’t want to go through the growing pains of this new product. He adds, “Although I’d used the [competitor’s large] equipment with good results, I just didn’t get a good feeling about the smaller paver.” On top of that, Ambry did not have access to parts or service. The competitor didn’t have it together on this paver.

Ambrose needed a dependable paver for the driveways and lots that are his usual jobs. He decided to look at the LeeBoy 8000 D Track Conveyor Paver with McLean Co. in Columbus, Ohio. Ambrose gets excited talking about his 8000 D. “The material controls and gate shut off are great. It drives straight, and I like using the sonic auger controls. It’s not too loud. I like the propane burners. It starts well on a cold day. It stops where I want it to. We don’t have piles to shovel or sweep. It loads beautifully, drives straight and doesn’t pull.” But the most important feature to Ambrose is the material control. “It’s a big deal in commercial lots,” says Ambrose. Commercial lots have many turns and are too large to spend time cleaning up after bad stops and starts.”

Ambrose adds, “The LeeBoy [paver] cost more. But it was worth it. Buying it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m very impressed with this machine.”

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