Heiberger Paving Interview with LeeBoy

For 24 years, Ken Heiberger of Ken Heiberger Paving, Inc. in Canal Winchester, Ohio, has been paving mostly commercial parking lots. He occasionally puts down a tennis court, which he calls “precision work.” To do that work, his crew relies on one of their two LeeBoy 8500 Pavers. Heiberger says, “It’s a great machine for precision work like tennis courts.”

Heiberger started using LeeBoys about seven years ago. He was tired of his old paver that broke down a lot and was not carrying grade. He says, “I was one of the first to buy a LeeBoy in the area because of the dealer support from McLean.” That’s the McLean Company (a recipient of the 2000 Bronze Dealer Award from LeeBoy) and Scott McLean in Columbus, Ohio.

Heiberger says his company owns larger pavers, but the crew prefers the LeeBoys. He calls them heavy duty, maneuverable, and quiet, making them easier to work around. Heiberger explains, “They reduce hard work. They extensively lay a good mat, clear across no matter if it’s eight feet or 13 feet. It’s just nice, consistent mat.”

In addition to the two 8500 Pavers, Heiberger Paving owns a 1000 C Paver and a 685 Motor Grader. Of the LeeBoy pavers Heiberger says, “Just keep making them. We’ll need another 8500 next year.”

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