McLean Company and VT Leeboy Customer Race Day

Well in spite of a very rainy September 23, (Friday) the 2011 ADRL sanctioned race at Summit Raceway Park in Norwalk, Ohio was very successful for The McLean Company’s annual customer appreciation day. Quain Stott racing qualified with his 1963 Pro Extreme Chevrolet Corvette with an almost 200 mph 3.72 times in the 1/8 mile track. Due to the rain on Friday no qualifying runs took place that day so Saturday they were limited to two runs. Quain got his qualifying on his first run. He had problems with tire shake the rest of the day even when the real racing began he had a great start but had to let go of the throttle to keep the car from tearing itself apart and was then eliminated. Quain was as always the fan friendly host and took care of the 100+ customers through the pit area. Lunch was served and beverages provided for still a very fun day of racing. Thanks again to VT Lee Boy for bringing Quain Stott racing back to Norwalk, Ohio.

VT Leeboy

 A Short Race Video

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