Ronyak Bros. Paving Interview with LeeBoy

Whether it’s a parking lot, driveway, or tennis court, Ronyak Bros. Paving in Burton, Ohio, has the LeeBoy equipment to do the job. According to Vice-President Mike Briggs, Ronyak, a family-owned paving business since 1939, bought an 8500 Paver last year, bringing them to a total of three 8500 pavers. So far in 2002, Ronyak has added on a 5000 Path Master and a Tack Tank. Ronyak is keeping Jim Hattendorf at McLean very busy.

Ronyak’s new 5000 Path Master makes quick work of golf cart paths. In fact, you can see a Ronyak crew working a golf course on the cover of a future issue of Asphalt Contractor magazine.

Ronyak gets good production with their LeeBoys. One crew put 46,000 tons though one paver in 2001. Briggs expects they’ll put more through in 2002. Briggs adds, “The biggest thing is putting down parking lots. We can push 700 tons at 1-1/4 inches per day on 70,000 to 80,000 square feet, because the LeeBoy’s can push the trucks easily. It’s then that you can get production. That’s the key—getting production”

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