Shelly and Sands, Inc – Vogele 5200-2 Columbus Airport Job

Shelly and Sands, Inc. started paving the new South runway at the Columbus Airport project Monday, the 16th of April 2012.  They are shown utilizing two Vogele vision series 5200-2 pavers.  They are paving 25 feet wide in echelon and they are utilizing the latest in the state of the art screed automation from Vogele, Dual NEVELTRONICS big skis set up to 47 feet long.  They are using two skis per paver to do longitudinal averaging, allowing the second pavers ski to overlap the first paver’s pass getting great averaging over the 50’ section.

Behind one paver they are shown utilizing the newly designed low profile Hamm GRW280 30 ton pneumatic tired roller as breakdown compactor along with the Hamm HD130HV 84” vibratory and newly designed Hamm HD120+OV 78” oscillatory nondestructive compactor as finish roller on the P401 base mix being laid at a depth of 4+- inches and are getting perfect density results. Paving in echelon allows the center joint to be considered as a full mat without having to meet the stringent longitudinal density requirements of the FAA. Behind the second paver is Type 1 Pneumatic roller and a newly designed Hamm HD110+VVHH high frequency vibratory roller followed up by Hamm HD120OV oscillatory roller…


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